May I speak for your event?


Welcome! I speak to Interdenominational and Catholic, Writers and Artists, Parents and Educators, Adult and Student groups about the formation of the human person – his need for holy leisure, interior freedom, poetic education, creative expression and cultural engagement. People resonate with my message if they want to be more fully alive and joyful, and if they want to transform the culture of death. Look through my topics pages for examples of my work, and contact me to discuss how I can help you!

My 2014 Events:

February 4 – Catholic Creatives Salon

Opening the Salon’s 10th Season with a Discussion of Josef Pieper’s “In Tune with the World

February 7,8 - Kansas Catholic College Student Conference

Spreading the word about the 50 Million Names Project

March 21, 22 – Benedictine College Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization

Presenting: Three-Dimensional Transcendentals, Preamble for Faith {Text of this talk.} {Short article based on this talk.} {Arts Resources List}

May 13 – Contemporary Religious Artists Association

Presenting: What About Gaudi?

June 6,7 – Kansas Catholic Homeschooling Conference

Presenting: Taking Care of Mom and Each Other {This went so well! I’ll upload the recording here.}

EOM JUNE: Angelico Press will have Souls at Work published!!!

July 30 – August 1: LIVE Catholic Writers Guild Conference

I’ll be proposing a collaborative project to fellow members unofficially, and enjoying the speakers and the exhibit hall!


 Holy Leisure is the key…

to human being…human freedom…human creativity!

Pro-Life Project

Honor the babies – Give them names:

I am always available to speak to your organization about this new pro-life project. 50 Million Names is a website where you are invited to register names for aborted babies. We offer concrete gestures for each child to emphasize that these are unique, unrepeatable human beings, and not merely statistics. We pray for the relatives and abortionists of these children, to create a legacy of love in their names.

The message that each person, each child, each name matters, and that violence is not the end of the story is a message of hope. This is an example of a simple, beautiful, meaningful response to an awful reality – one that’s bringing blessing and healing to our wounded country already.

50 million thanks for inviting me to share about this adventure!